INTRAN membership helps you ensure your services can be used and understood by those who need them most, so they can access the housing that is suitable for their needs and understand their own responsibilities. 

Through INTRAN, your tenants will understand the terms of their contracts and be empowered to make the best use of their accommodation. Giving tenants detailed information they will understand prevents issues from escalating through tenants being aware of how and where to get help.

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Trish Worden, Flagship Housing

INTRAN is vital for two-way communication with our customers, and building services around their needs.

Everyone in all our organisations knows how INTRAN works, and it’s easy to access services.

For example, when customers sign a tenancy agreement, which is a binding legal document, it’s vital they understand the implications.

With INTRAN, we can communicate via an interpreter or even translate the agreement.

The end result is outstanding customer service.

  • Better communication

    With high-quality interpreting and translation, you can make sure all your users understand what options are available to them – even if they’re from the most isolated communities.

  • Clearer understanding of contracts, duties and obligations

    We can help you make sure users are fully aware of the responsibilities and duties implied by the contracts they are signing, or that they understand why action is being taken against them.

  • Developing communities

    Interpreting and translation help to enhance inclusion and make all residents feel part of the communities where they live.

  • Managing antisocial behaviour

    Our services help you communicate with all our users, understand the causes of problems and put in place effective solutions.

  • Improved involvement

    Helping your users have their say on services, so you can make informed decisions about improvements.