Our service helps you offer better access to care, protection and preventative services, so you can deliver the best possible outcomes for patients and vulnerable people, meet the requirements under section 13G of the NHS Act as well as meet your Public Sector duties under the Equality Act 2010. Quality medical interpreters contribute greatly to the effective delivery of NHS services. In many cases, they help save lives and deliver better health outcomes through accurate translation.  

Our high-quality translation and interpreting helps you achieve these goals and reduce medical risks in several ways.

INTRAN enables access to professional interpreters trained and qualified to work in medical practices, hospitals and community healthcare contexts, as well as mental health.

Reducing risks improves health outcomes

As Muela Ribera et al. (2008) state in Is the Use of Interpreters in Medical Consultation Justified? A Critical Review of Literature, “linguistic barriers affect preventative care, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and health satisfaction”. To learn more about the risks involved when not having consistent arrangements for accessing quality medical interpreting services, please click here.

If you want to find out  how your health organisation could benefit from INTRAN membership, please get in touch.

Laura McCartney-Gray, Norwich CCG

“Professional interpreting and translation is critical in healthcare, both clinical and commissioning.

As an INTRAN member, we can access highly trained professional interpreters and translators at a local level who can speak the language used by our profession.

We rely on INTRAN’s quality standards, and patients know that wherever they see the INTRAN logo, they can get a high-quality service. We also save money by avoiding misunderstandings and repeat visits”

  • Right care at the right time

    We help you offer the right care at the right time, through more accurate diagnoses and prompt intervention. Earlier intervention avoids costly backtracking, saving staff time and resources.

  • Treatment is more effective

    Clearer communication means that treatment is more effective, with better understanding of treatment plans and fewer medication errors.

  • Reduce the number and length of hospital visits

    Through prompt intervention, we help you reduce the number and length of hospital visits, saving costs and resource

  • Your staff feel safe and empowered

    Because services are improved and communication is better, your staff feel safe and empowered, and better placed to manage resources to benefit the taxpayer.