Criminal Justice

We can help you create safer communities, reduce crime and ensure fair access to criminal justice for everyone.  In these contexts, both speed and quality of access to professional interpreters are critical for avoiding miscarriages of justice as well as protecting communities against crime. 

Our high-quality interpreting and translation services can help police forces, probation services and other criminal justice organisations in many ways.

To learn more about how your organisation could benefit from INTRAN membership, please get in touch.

  • Solve, prevent and reduce crime

    Helping you solve, prevent and reduce crime by enhancing your ability to reach everyone in the community – even the most isolated and vulnerable.

  • Reduce antisocial behaviour

    Helping you reduce antisocial behaviour by talking to everyone in the community and understanding their concerns.

  • Caring for victims and other vulnerable people

    Supporting you in caring for victims and other vulnerable people, giving them the confidence to come forward or seek help in spite of language barriers.

  • Fair access to justice for everyone

    Delivering fair access to justice for everyone, regardless of their hearing ability or English proficiency.

  • Reduce re-offending and protect the public

    For probation services, we can help reduce re-offending and protect the public by making communities safer.