Why We’re Different

  1. Nigel

    Nigel's life was saved.

  2. GP & Nigel

    Nigel's GP established the right diagnosis through an INTRAN interpreter.

  3. Receptionist & Nigel

    When Nigel booked an appointment, the receptionist immediately knew she needed to book an INTRAN interpreter.

  4. LAURA (The Organisation)

    By having integrated INTRAN throughout the organisation, patients like Nigel can access quality healthcare and take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Across health and social care to housing, criminal justice, education, advice and local authority functions, our fully integrated and accessible interpreting and translation service consistently delivers high quality, reduced risks and value for money.

Our service helps everybody. End users get better access to services. Staff get an easier job in terms of dealing with users. And managers get support with improving outcomes that are meaningful to them at local level and saving costs.
Oli Matthews, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Watch the video below to see how INTRAN helps everyone involved, from end users through to your own staff and managers.


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