Staff Training

Our training is an integral part of delivering a successful language access programme in the East of England.

Rear view of large group of business people on a staff training. Focus is on foreground.

Since we were founded in 2000, we have trained tens of thousands of people in how to make an effective use of interpreting and translation services in health, local authority, police, probation, housing, education and voluntary sector contexts – and in multi-agency settings too.

Why staff training? 

Enabling staff awareness through training has been a core part of our quality assurance from the beginning. Training empowers staff to make an informed and more efficient use of resources. When staff know how to access services, when to use them and how to use them effectively, they can make significant time savings.

With communication barriers removed, the cost of delivering general services is often reduced, and outcomes for clients/patients are often improved. There is a direct link between staff awareness and practitioners meeting their duty of care.

If you work for an INTRAN member organisation and want to know more about INTRAN training, please contact your manager or your in-house INTRAN champion, who will be able to advise you.

Staff training testimonials

“INTRAN training should be offered through Trust training, and possibly even made mandatory through inductions, so staff can offer service more effectively.” NHS hospital trust

“Very interesting course. Worth attending, as there is more to INTRAN than I understood before the course.” Local Authority

“I have found the training interesting, educational and believe it will enhance my practice/cultural awareness.” NHS hospital trust

“Interactive and well-paced. It was very relevant. If you work with vulnerable people, the chances are you will need INTRAN’s services.” Voluntary sector agency – voluntary sector

“Very informative. The training got me thinking!”