Language Identification

Ways in which you can identify the language spoken by your client

  • Check your client / patients’ records to see if there is any information as language requirements.
  • Ask your client: “Do you speak English?” and wait for the service user to tell you what language they speak.
  • Download the document FLAGS
  • Use the interactive map shown below

Instruction on how to use the language identification map

If you want to know what language your client speaks, click on  “INTRAN Language coverage” and ask your client to point you their Country of origin. By moving the mouse on one Country, a box with all the languages spoken in the country will appear on the left side. These languages are covered by INTRAN’s interpreting and translation services.

If you want to find out more about your client’s country of origin, local languages, and dialects spoken click on “World’s Linguistic Boundaries“. By moving the mouse in different areas of the Country new languages will appear on the map. The extension of land where a language is spoken is indicated by a different colour of the map.

To zoom in and out, please use the symbols (+,-) present on the top right side. To move the map, click on it and drag it on the top, left, right, or down, depending on the country you want to visualise.