What We Do

INTRAN works with public organisations to help them comply with their statutory and mandated duties to provide inclusive communication.

To discuss how INTRAN’s services can benefit your organisation, email Valerie Gidney, INTRAN Partnership Manager at [email protected].

Why Meaning Matters

For 20 years INTRAN has helped to transform public organisations to:

  • Support the safety of service users.
  • Share information in a way that everybody can understand.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and mandated duties.
  • Manage the spending of public resources efficiently.
  • Build confidence and trust in public organisations among communities.
  • Ensure people whose first language is not English have equal access to information enabling them to maximise their independence and integration into society.

Your accessibility partner

Our comprehensive and consistent translation and interpretation services ensure you will find a bespoke package tailored to the needs of your organisation, so that you can save time and money, mitigate risk and safeguard your service users.