About Us

INTRAN is a non-profit-making partnership that commissions and manages interpreting and translation services on behalf of public-facing organisations throughout the East of England.

Over 180 languages are spoken in the Eastern region, and it is home to thousands of people who communicate through British Sign Language. We help our members offer access to information and services for anyone who cannot communicate fluently or easily in English, whether because they are deaf or hard of hearing or because they have limited English proficiency (LEP).

We’re owned by our members and run for their benefit, not for profit. Our services are shaped by members’ needs, and our revenues are reinvested in improving the service we offer them. All our members benefit from sharing up-to-date sector knowledge with their fellow members, which they can use to discover best practice and benchmark performance.

Founded in 2000, we’re now the largest interpreting and translation multi-agency in the UK, with over 60 members across the East of England. Our members include local authorities (county, district and city councils), NHS organisations and healthcare agencies, housing associations, criminal justice agencies, voluntary sector agencies, colleges and academies.

We can cater for all the languages spoken in the East of England, representing excellent coverage for a largely rural area.

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